Moist heat therapy


Moist Heat Therapy:

Effective Heat Therapy products offer the best solution when maintained at best temperature. Of course, Warm is the appropriate temperature that would penetrate down to the muscles for healing the pain and improves the blood circulation. Increasing the temperature of the skin definitely decreases the discomfit and it is important to consult the professional therapists. Axis Physio Therapists in the Brisbane CBD are well versed in offering the complete procedure for physiotherapy. Our experts are excellent in complete diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all muscle as well as the joint pain. Our Axis Physio Therapists have the highly advanced qualifications and they have the specialized knowledge for offering the best range of the therapies to reduce the pain, prevent further problems and restore proper movement. Axis Physio Therapists are specialized in mobilization, general exercises, manipulative physiotherapy, stabilization exercises, postural/ergonomic advice, massage and much more. Heat Therapy has two different types that include the Dry Heat and Moist Heat Therapy.

What is Moist Heat Therapy?

The Moist Heat Therapy offers the ideal variety of the problems that includes chronic lower back pain for stiffing the muscles. Moist heat therapy is quite effective to warm the tissues when compared to the dry heat treatment. The main reason is that the water transfers the heat more quickly when compared to air. Moist Heat results with the perception of tissues based on heat deeply so that it would be quite easier for reducing the pain in the high extensive manner. Moist Heat Therapy offered by the Axis Physio Therapists indicates the vasodilation with the expansion of blood capillaries or vessels that would easily allow to improve the blood flow along with the improved therapy process. In fact, the expansion of blood capillaries would increase the blood flow and they are much suitable for the muscles, joints as well as soft tissue. Normally, the Heat will be typically applied to the relevant body part with placing the warming device so that they would be evenly spread across the skin. Axis Physio Therapists are quite specialized in offering the complete techniques for increasing the blood flow and decreases the body pain in the high extensive manner. The Moist Heat Therapy is highly used as the supplement for many types of pain treatments. Moist Heat could be applied based on the , steamed towels, moist heating packs or hot baths that would easily aid in penetrating of the heat in the muscles that is highly suitable for the pain relief.

Why Us?

Axis team has experience in treating all types of movement disorders as well as musculoskeletal conditions. With the use of high end technology, our Axis Physio Therapists are quite specialized in offering the best techniques that is quite useful for enjoying the high end benefits to the maximum. Our health professionals are expert in offering the extensive moist heat therapy in Brisbane city with giving the best solution in the high extensive way. You can browse on our website for getting more information at Axis Physio YouTube channel.