Ultrasound therapy


Ultrasound Therapy

Our Axis Physiotherapy sessions offer the complete personalized Physiotherapy services in the Brisbane City. Our team of experts is situated in the heart of Brisbane CBD so that it would be easier for the Brisbane City residents and workers to easily access. High efficient Axis Rehabilitation System is processed for the patients with the advance technology based on many different aspects. Psychology services assist the people who are dealing with the various issues that are affecting their body Psychological functioning. Our Psychologists are quite an expert in handling all the conditions of the human behavior. They have studied the brain, memory, human development and learning ability process for determining how brain think, feel, react and behave. Our Psychologists also have the expert in using the most reliable as well as scientifically supported methods which are quite useful for the benefits of the patients. Axis Physio offers the best therapy for the patients with love and care so that it would be quite an awesome option for having a healthy body condition. Our Axis Physiotherapists are the best in the Brisbane CBD to offer the complete medical conditions in the extensive manner.

High Tech Ultrasound Therapy:

Axis Physiotherapy Therapists are expert in diagnosing the treatment and prevention based on the muscle as well as joint problems especially the neck and back pain. The therapists have the highly advanced qualifications, clinical experience and specialized knowledge so that they would easily attend to all your problems instantly without any hassle. Axis Physiotherapy Therapists uses the high tech Ultrasound Therapy to speed up the healing process with increasing the blood flow in treated area. Using the Ultrasound Therapy, it is quite prominent to decrease the pain, swelling or edema. Thermal and non thermal effects treatment is offered in the complete basics so that it would be quite easier for enjoying more benefits in the high extensive manner. With the Ultrasound Therapy, it is quite easier for enjoying high end benefits without taking more medications. Normally, exercises and diet condition would be great for healing the body system in short time so the therapists believe in offering the complete process of Ultrasound Therapy to the maximum. Thermal effect is the absorption of sound waves and the Non thermal effect includes the acoustic, cavitation and microstreaming for solving all the problems in the high extensive way. Using the Ultrasound Therapy, it is quite convenient to decrease the pain in the area, scar tissue will be softened and no strain is added.

Why Choose Us?

Physical stimulation is helpful for enhancing the cell repair effects for inflammatory response. Our Axis Physiotherapists offers the best treatment with complete care for the patient to get well soon. Our therapeutic ultrasound treatment is high efficient for the pain, musculoskeletal injuries, softening of tissue lesions and much more. Our team has years of experience in offering best therapeutic service to the highest extend for the patients so that it would be quite easier for getting a healthy body condition with the best treatment.