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Physiotherapy at Axiz Physio
Axiz Physio provides Physiotherapy in Mississauga, aiming at releasing Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, major injuries after Car Accident.

Physiotherapy is very effective for recovery of all major injuries. Experts adopt different high quality assessment tools and procedures to design treatment methods as suitable for different people according to their needs and circumstances.

AxizPhysio is a versatile sports and rehab clinic providing physiotherapy by well qualified professionals. Health insurance providers cover every single cost or partial cost of the whole physiotherapy procedure for many Canadians. Doctor’s referral may be required if requested by your insurance.Latest technology and therapy are used to provide the versatile treatment.

At your initial visit, the Registered Physiotherapist performs a thorough assessment, which includes a detailed medical history and physical examination to evaluate and diagnose the condition. According to the assessment findings, the physiotherapist will determine the most appropriate treatment plan including pain management, active and passive therapy and exercises. The treatment will be discussed with you in detail and follow up visits would be advised according to the need. The subsequent treatment sessions could be 1-3 times per week or once in 15 days depending on the condition. Since patient education is an important aspect of physiotherapy treatment, the physiotherapist will make every effort to discuss all aspects of your therapy and answer your queries in detail.

Axiz Physio is multidisciplinary clinic providing physiotherapy services for the following conditions:
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Axiz Physio aims at providing the ultimate results to their customers by providing high quality physiotherapy services by the experienced therapist. They work with the talented and experienced physiotherapist in Mississauga. The physiotherapy treatment includes the following:

Physiotherapists at Axiz Physio

Our experienced Physiotherapists strive to provide best physiotherapy service to help you recover completely as soon as possible. They are passionate and dedicated to providing the most appropriate treatment to maximize your recovery and/ or performance.

We provide free consultation (15min) with the physiotherapist to discuss your questions about how physiotherapy would be helpful for your condition. If you are suffering from pain, call 905-607-9952 to book your free consultation today or go online at