Post Surgical Rehabilitation

After a surgery, rehabilitation is a critical process, specific programs are created to re-establish normal joint range of motion, strength, flexibility, and function.


At Axiz, we aim to help you return to your daily activities with minimal discomfort and pain. The rehabilitation process sometimes is lengthy and challenging; however, we do our best to ensure you are comfortable and content with the pace of recovery. A few examples of surgeries we can help with include fractures of extremities, partial and total knee replacements, hip replacements, dislocations, torn ligaments, spinal surgeries and more.


We use manual therapy, including soft tissue therapy and mobilizations, as well as modalities (ultrasound, electrotherapy, laser therapy) to gradually eliminate scar tissue and restore range of motion. Exercises form an integral part of recovery process. We also provide education on self-care and self management techniques helping you gain self confidence in recovery process.